Solar Energy is the Solution

Our world faces a serious energy problem. The remaining reserves of oil are estimated to last 40 years given current rates of consumption. And as global energy demand continues to rise, prices will rise as those reserves are gradually depleted. Additionally, the vast majority of our energy needs are met by burning fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases, pollute the environment and increase global warming. The need to rethink our energy policies and strategies has never been greater. Now it is the time to take action to avert a serious energy crisis and slow down the speed of global warming.

In one hour the amount of sunlight striking the earth has enough energy to satisfy the world’s energy consumption for one year. Solar energy is a clean, abundant and natural source of energy which does not release greenhouse gases. Solar power only accounts for less than 1% of global energy production. But if we were to utilize just 0.2% of the available energy from the sun, we would completely relieve ourselves of burning fossil fuels. Solar energy holds the answer to all of our energy problems.

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